Fractional Data Team

Remove the need to build, maintain, and run your own data team and platform. With Blue Street Data you can build, run and maintain a wordclass data platform powered by google cloud at a fraction of the cost you would expect.

Embrace “as a Service” and Fractional Data Teams

Transition from the traditional “build, own, and run” model to the modern approach of “as a service” and fractional data teams. Blue Street Data offer a solution that eliminates the need to build, maintain, and run your own data team and platform. We parter with AgileData[] in bringing you the best data solution for you.

Key Benefits:

  • Scalability: Eliminate the need to hire scarce and expensive data professionals.
  • Cost Efficiency: No upfront investments or ongoing maintenance costs for bespoke data platforms.
  • Simplified Operations: We handle day-to-day DataOps, removing complex data administration tasks.
  • Strategic Focus: Shift your focus from managing data and technology to leveraging data for valuable insights.

Your Data, On Demand

Access our multi-tenanted “as a service” solution through a flexible leasing model, including:

  • AgileData App: User-friendly, low-code interface for easy data management.
  • AgileData Platform: Robust, cloud-based platform powered by Google Cloud infrastructure.
  • Expert Data Services: Tailored data collection, combination, and presentation by our professionals.
  • Continual Innovation: Adaptable data flows and “Info Apps” developed as your needs evolve.
  • DataOps by Default: Monitoring and managing your entire data ecosystem for smooth operation.

Subscription Model

Enjoy all these benefits for a fixed monthly subscription fee. Think of it as the “Salesforce” for data – a single, powerful solution for comprehensive data success.

Additional Features:

  • AgileData Way of Working: Collaborative approach, working alongside you as your true data team.
  • AgileData Network: Access to a global network of trusted partners for additional expertise and support.

Cost Savings

Our fractional data team model could save you approximately $528,000 per year compared to building and maintaining your own data infrastructure and team. View our detailed cost breakdown here.