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Data Engineer and Google Cloud Platform specalist.

Hamish is a seasoned Tech Lead Data professional with over two decades of experience, excelling in data strategy and implementation across various sectors, including e-commerce and energy. His leadership has driven the development of advanced data platforms and successful execution of impactful data science projects, enhancing business outcomes.

Hamish’s achievements include delivering critical data science models into production, implementing a Customer Data Platform for improved customer experiences, and leading the delivery of a Google Cloud Platform-based data lake at a previous role in New Zealand. His strategic vision introduced agile methodologies, significantly improving development processes.

With a comprehensive technical skill set, including Google Cloud Platform, agile analytics, and proficiency in programming languages, Hamish is a certified GCP Professional Data Engineer. He holds a Bachelor of Management Studies with a double major in Economics and Finance from the University of Waikato and has partially completed an MBA at the University of New South Wales.

Hamish’s diverse industry experience, coupled with his leadership and technical expertise, positions him as a valuable asset for any project aiming to leverage data for strategic advantage